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David Wertz, Ph.D.

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David Wertz, Ph.D. founded Princeton Value Advisors to provide financial advice to individuals who wish to secure, manage and grow their wealth. He utilizes his unique, value-based approach to financial well-being and stability for clients of all ages and financial backgrounds.

A History of Success

Dave Wertz has been investing successfully for more than three decades. For example, his IRA are up over 400% since 2000 while the stock market is up only about 40%. (See our stock results) Before becoming a professional financial advisor, Dave Wertz had an active career with a Ph.D. computational chemist, research in computational Biophysics at Cornell, entrepreneur, and developer of knowledge-based systems. After 25 years of successfully investing for himself and his parents he decided 8 years ago to devote himself full time to investment advising. Dave's unorthodox path to financial advising gives him a unique perspective on the workings of market economics and equipped him with analytical skills that greatly enhance his ability to give sound financial advice to his clients.

Proven Skill, Rigorous Training

Dave Wertz has honed his skills and demonstrated the extent of his financial expertise by completing the equivalent of six college level courses that cover all aspects of financial planning and then passing the comprehensive Certified Financial Planner (CFPtm) exam.

Dave is also proud to have passed all three Chartered Financial Analysttm exams on the first try. Dave's IRAs are up 350% versus S&P The CFAtm course of study is recognized as being especially extensive and rigorous course of study on the analysis financial products. The three certification exams are given a year apart and each lasts an entire day. Only one in 10 of those who take the first exam succeeds in passing the third one. Dave is also honored to be the only person in both central and south New Jersey who has pass all three Chartered Financial Analysttm exams who is committed to serving individual investors.

Giving Back to the Community

Dave Wertz is an active contributor to our community. He is assistant scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 88 and an active member of a group that makes donated items available to the less fortunate members of our community.

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Dave uses his successful, value-based approach to bring financial well-being and stability to clients of all ages and financial backgrounds.
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