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Investment Advice for Successfully Investing Your Money

Global Investment Advice

We help individuals invest their money successfully. We will listen to you to understand what you want from your savings. Then we use our successful global investment strategy to select the best investments from around the world that will get you to your goals.

We are Fee Only investment advisors so we get no commissions. Thus, our advice will be objective and guided solely by what is best for you.

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Our Investment Strategy

"Investing is purchasing assets with the idea that the assets will provide income in the future or appreciate and be sold at a higher price [in the future]".

In other words
Investing requires making predictions about the future

"All predictions are risky, especially those about the future about."
-- Yogi Berra

As the quotations above say, investing involves making predictions about the future. Unfortunately, NO ONE can reliably predict the future. That is why we base our investment advice on principle that every investment should have a "Margin of Safety".

Value Investing is the name given to the investment strategy that makes having a "Margin of Safety" central to investment decisions. Value Investing, which has been made famous by the world's most successful investor, Warren Buffet, by itself produces higher returns with reduced risk. Investment advice based on Value Investing achieves superior results because it focuses on buying investments at a price that is low enough that you can get a good return no matter what the market does. See our Why Value Investing Works page for more about Value Investing in general and how it is practiced here at Princeton Value Advisors.

Investing Money Successfully

At Princeton Value we invest money in ways that goes beyond standard Value Investing. These changes reduce risk and increase returns.

  1. We invest money around the world. Investing in Bargains
  2. First, this reduces risk because our investment results are not dependent on what happens in a single country. Second, this improves returns because very few companies are good value investments. By investing around the world, not just in the US, we have more investments to choose from -- which increases our chances of finding the rare good one.
  3. In addition, most of the world's companies are small -- too small for mutual funds and big firms with thousands of investors and billions to invest to bother with. Yet these big firms control most of the world's investment money. We can invest money in the small company bargains that they have to ignore.

Our Senior Investment Advisor

We are headed by David Wertz, Ph.D. who has Outstanding Investment Credentials. Click here to learn more about him.

Dave's IRAs are up 350% versus S&P
  • Our senior investment advisor has 30 year record of giving successful investment advice.
  • Our senior investment advisor passed the Certified Financial Planner (CFPTM) exam. The CFP exam is the recognized standard for certifying people as financial advisors.
  • Our senior investment advisor passed all three CFA Logo certification exams. The CFA exams are the recognized standard for certifying people as financial analysts and investment advisors. -- only 1 in 10 who take the first CFA exam succeed in passing the third one.
  • We are Fee Only investment advisors. We take no commissions on the products that we recommend. This makes us objective partners in your success.

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