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Financial Planning in Retirement

This Financial Planning discussion is for people in or very near retirement. You need a Retirement Plan because you will be retire a long time. your help we can create a retirement plan looks ahead and gives you the ability to balance what you want to do today with what you want to do 10, 20, even 30 years from now.

You still need to plan for the long term

You will be retired a long time. With today's longer life expectancies the amount of time you can expect to be retired is getting quite long -- up to 30 years. Thus, you need to plan for the long term.

There are two part to a Retirement Plan

  1. Protecting what you have already
  2. Income to pay your expenses

Protecting what you have checklist

  • Cash reserve equal 6 months of expenses for emergencies.
  • Complete Health Insurance Standard Medicare only covers part of your medical expenses. To get full coverage you have one of two choices: (a) Traditional Medicare plus a Prescription Drug plan and a Medigap policy (b) or A Medicare Advantage plan.
  • Car Insurance plus Homeowners or Condo owner's Insurance
  • A WILL. If you have over $600,000 in assets a will combined with proper planning your Will can minimize and even avoid most estate taxes.
  • Healthcare Power of Attorney and Healthcare Directive which together appoints one or more people to make decisions about your medical care if you are unable to and gives them directions about your end of life wishes.
  • Umbrella Insurance. Your Car Insurance and Homeowners Insurance cover the most common legal liabilities but they are not the only ones you face. Umbrella Insurance policy covers these additional risks.

We will be glad to discuss the kinds and amount of insurance that you should have. Note that as Fee Only advisors you can be confident that the advice we give is objective and unbiased.

Who We Are

We are headed by Dr. David Wertz, who has

  • a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry
  • 30 year history of investment and financial planning success. (See the recommendation to the left.)
  • Demonstrated the extent of his financial expertise by completing the equivalent of six college level courses that cover all aspects of financial planning and then passing the comprehensive the CFPTM exam
  • Passed all 3 CFA exams. Note: Only 1 in 10 who take the first CFA exam pass the third one.

Retirement Income

You need income to pay your expenses in retirement. The hardest part of doing this is that you will be retired a long time. For example, when a couple retires at age 65 there is a 50% chance that one member of a couple retiring today will live to age 95. This long time in retirement has serious consequences.

  • Unless kept small and carefully controlled, withdrawals from your savings will, all too soon, leave you with no savings at all. This in turn means that your savings should be used primarily for one of two purposes (a) an emergency fund for large non recurring expenses or (b) As a source of income.
  • Inflation has a major impact. If inflation remains at historic levels, both your pension and savings will lose 64% of their value in terms of what they will buy during your retirement. Even if current low inflation rates were to continue your pension and saving will lose 46% of their value.

How We can Help

Given the above, you need a plan that will enable you to pay your after inflation expenses 10, 20, even 30 years from now. With your help we can create a retirement plan looks ahead and gives you the ability to balance what you want to do today with what you want to do in the future.

The return on your savings is important. As our page The Advantage of Saving Sooner shows, almost as important as the amount you save is the return you get on your savings. As the recommendation and our Investment Advice page shows we are have an excellent investment success record. For retirees we especially emphasize the after inflation that your savings produce.

Let's Get Started Planning Your Financial Success

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