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Successful Value Investing Around the World

Value Investing, which has been made famous by the world's most successful investor, Warren Buffet, is a proven methodology that produces higher returns with reduced risk. It achieves these results because it focuses on buying investments at a price low enough that you can get a good return no matter what the market does. By investing around the world and not just in the US we further reduce risk because our investment results are not dependent on what happens in just one country.

Finding good Value Investments is hard. At Princeton Value we do two things to expand the number of possible investments -- which increases our chances of finding the rare good one -- that most investors overlook.

  1. As mentioned above, we look for value investments not just in the US but around the world -- which in addition to reducing risk gives us more investments to chose from and increases our chances of finding the rare good one.
  2. Big Firms' limitation In addition, most of the world's companies are small -- too small for mutual funds and big firms with thousands of investors and billions to invest to bother with. Yet these large firms control most of the world's investment money. We can buy for you the small company bargains that they have to ignore.

Who We Are

We are lead by David H. Wertz, Ph.D. who has an exceptional 30 year investment success record. (See the recommendation below.) For example, his IRA are up over 400% since 2000 while the stock market is up only about 60%.

Dave's IRAs are up 350% versus S&P


from an accountant who sees many clients' financial planning and investment results for Princeton Value Advisors' Dr. Wertz:

"I have had the opportunity to work with you for approximately 23 years. You have always possessed the uncanny ability to identify undervalued companies, both in the U.S. and overseas that have turned into very strong companies. You have continued to make excellent stock selections that when sold, have had very strong capital gains."

"I would without hesitation highly recommend you as an advisor for any client that I currently have at our firm."

B. Gilchrist, CPA, MSTX
Wessel & Company

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The Advantages of Princeton Value

Our investment success is based on

  • Global Value Investing We look for the best Value Investments Picture of world not just in the US but around the world. We have been doing this for almost 30 years.
  • Reducing Risk: (1)Value Investing itself reduces risk becaue it tells when an investment is priced too high. (2) By investing around the world we further reduce risk because our investment results are not dependent on what happens in just one country. (3) Value investing tells us when the market is "irrational" and you are better off not buying anything. For example, we were almost totally out of the market during the dot com bubble of the late 1990s. We are similarly cautious now. See Investing in Today's Market.
  • Outstanding Credentials. Dr. Wertz passed the CFPTM and all 3 CFA certification exams. Note: Only 1 in 10 who take the first CFA exam pass the third one. This is in addition to the analytical and mathematical skills he learned as a Ph.D. in Computational Chemistry
  • We can invest in MANY more companies than big firms can. Most of the world's companies are small -- too small for large firms with thousands of clients and Big Firms' limitation billions to invest. Yet these firms control do most of the world's investing dollars. Thus, the bargains we as Value Investors look for are easier to find among the small companies. We can buy these bargains for our clients. Large firms can't.

Additional Benefits

Individual advice  We fit our advice to your values, goals and circumstances

Fee Only Advisor  This means that we take no commissions on the products that we recommend. This makes us objective partners in your success guided solely by your goals.

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